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It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.



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BA EZ – Business Associates (BA) is a global repository of company/entity shared static information – not only for vendors, owners, purchasers and operators but also for all of the companies in your business. Information such as name, address, tax ID, Email, etc., can be entered once and with a simple click defined as a vendor, owner, purchaser and/or operator, and specified as to which companies they apply. Change of address?  Change of Email?  Change it one time and it is changed for all companies using that Business Associate. What could be easier than that?

Our Priorities


CONSULTING EZ – SSI has THE BEST to offer in client consulting, support and education – bar none. Our Account Managers are experts in SSI, with years of knowledge in the oil and gas industry and experience in accounting. We bring it ALL to the table. A personal Account Manager is assigned to each SSI client for guidance through the implementation process start to finish. Your Account Manager will manage all facets of the implementation to assure success and manage the finest development teams in the business. No hand-wringing or stress – your Account Manager will coordinate everything. Furthermore, you don’t come to us for “school-room” training – we come to YOU. No travel or classrooms for our clients, YOU get ALL the attention without the angst of “mental vaporlock” that comes with 3 days of intense classroom training – where you get what you pay for. SSI specializes in on-site training tailored specifically for YOU and YOUR needs. The education process happens on YOUR turf, in your own comfortable chair in front of your own desktop with your own data. Remote training via internet is often used once the ball gets rolling. Your Account Manager will work with you to schedule data conversions and education, and guarantees your company will be up and operating by your target date. Check out our MAGIC EZ tool – Magnetically Assisted Guaranteed Import Conversion: TURNKEY, NEVER MISSED A DEADLINE in over 40 years! We are simply the best in the industry at new client start-ups and we DON’T miss our target!

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COT (CHAIN OF TITLE) EZ – What is included in SSI’s COT EZ?Within one date-defined record, there are:

  • Drilling, completion and JIB interests
  • Working, royalty and override NRIs
  • Non-consent burdens
  • After payout burdens
  • Gas marketing burdens and balancing
  • Non-consent elections
  • Assignment history
  • Effective-Date DOIs for date-sensitive revenue distribution and JIBRevenue Netting by well
  • Revenue Taxable status (exempt)
  • Revenue Pay Cycles
  • And much, much more

Chain of Title is complicated!  SSI makes is EZ!  All the above ownership is held in one place, shared by all, globally used by application.  One assignment will change all of the above.  What could be easier than that?  Are you stuck with “here-a-deck, there-a-deck, everywhere a deck-deck?” Other software products are nothing more than quacks!

Our Priorities

eCabinet EZ

eCabinet EZ – Electronic file cabinets are so EZ! Forget row after row of dusty old file cabinets in dusty old back rooms. Forget the time and labor involved with filing all those paper documents. Imagine having every single piece of paper organized and instantly accessible with a mouse-click, any time, from desktop or remote access. Incorporated with DOC EZ, eCabinet EZ, any Microsoft formatted document - Excel, Word, PDF, JPG, BMP, TIFF(scanned), photos, etc. – can be electronically attached. Attach contracts, business associate documents like W-9s and Certificate of Insurance, or images to a well, lease, investor, etc. Tailor your digital filing cabinet with user-defined classifications, such as Leases, Assignments, Division Orders, JOA, Wellsite Photos, etc., to catalog and index documents for easy retrieval. You are in control of your document classifications. SSI furnishes some industry standards but additional classifications can be added as needed. Dates, comments and other criteria may be associated with the document to use as an additional filtering criteria. Time is money, save BOTH!  Prevent document loss while improving communication.  Integrated throughout SSI’s reporting, with a simple click eCabinet EZ generates expiration or notification reports based on filters and criteria you select.

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FILTER EZ – A better way to sort, select, filter and evaluate. As your company’s executive or engineer, have you ever wondered…

  • How is that 14 well package we purchased 8 months ago doing? Is it matching up to our pro-forma?
  • How are our fields doing in regards to production trends and cost?
  • Going to lunch with ACME Oil Company, they’ve got a big well package deal to show us. How have they performed on our other deals with them? What is their operating cost in general? Are their wells generally good deals? Or bad deals?
  • George Geologist is on the phone with another deal.  Have his prior deals been profitable?
  • I’ve got an oil company on the phone, they want to buy us out!  What wells do we have with them?  What is our investment and what has our return been?  Tell them I’ll get back with them in a few weeks, hopefully.
  • Which outside operator is the most/least profitable?
  • I need to budget next year’s development expenditures. What has our total investment been this year?  Where have we spent it?  How has it performed?
  • We are going to auction of some of our wells in a package, starting with these wells.  Let’s see how they’ve done, and maybe add a few or remove a few depending on total package profitability.  How long will that take us? I need it by tomorrow!

What SSI brings to the table for executives and management? UNPARALLELED FLEXIBILITY. Which equates to a virtually unlimited number of ways YOU can define and categorize YOUR well data for reporting purposes. YOU outline how to categorize your wells. Specific group codes can be included/excluded as desired for ALL well-related reporting with a simple mouse-click.

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INDUSTRY PARTNERS EZ – We didn’t invent oil and gas accounting, but nobody does it better that SSI! That’s what we do. However, there are many related software products used by our industry associates that we’re glad we don’t have to do. We have carefully selected who we believe are the “Best of Breed” associates. We know that you, our clients, can rely on the expertise of these partners in developing a stellar product with excellent support.

Industry Partners -

  • Energylink
  • Enerpact
  • Greasebook
  • Landvantage
  • OpenInvoice
  • Powertools
  • PHDwin
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Our Priorities


OWNER PORTAL EZ  – Visualize an investor wishing to discuss his owed balance,  checks he’s paid, question a charge on his last JIB statement (or any particular invoice on that statement), his last land billing or lease ownership (including net acres), or simply “how has my investment been on a well by well basis?”.  SSI believes you shouldn’t have to navigate through multiple accounting menus to gather information for this investor. Answer ANY question from an investor using the OWNER PORTAL EZ. Our OWNER PORTAL EZ provides a “single click” portal gateway showing all associated information for an investor – Accounts Receivables detail invoice images, receipted check images, detail balance due register, last 2 years of JIB statements and detail invoices, and the last 2 years of Land JIB statements and detail invoices. Revenue payable inquiry provides owner transactions not yet disbursed and any associated suspense reasons. The investor’s last two years of disbursed Revenue check images are displayed, including detail check skirt with dates, volumes, and values. Active well ownership DOI is available with all billable and revenue decimals. Active land ownership DOIs show participation interest and owner net acres. All accounting documents have been archived and imaged by investor and can be retrieved for your review. Email to the investor with a few quick clicks. Print and Email Well Summary Analysis. An investor is an important corporate asset. Manage and communicate with your investors quickly and professionally. No software does it more thoroughly, more quickly, or more detailed than the SSI OWNER PORTAL EZ.

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WORKFLOW EZ – Let SSI supply the tools needed to improve efficiency, responsiveness, communications, and profitability within your organization. WORKFLOW EZ is designed to automates the process of generating reports that must be reviewed, approved and returned in order to move your processing on down the line in the most efficient way possible. Need a transaction or report approved by management, engineers and/or geologist? Stop wasting time, paper and energy for your back-office from printing, as an example, a trial JIB. Then running it down the hall to engineering/management, etc., and waiting for a scribbled, coffee stained pile of paper. Once your back-office makes the changes, this same counter-productive process starts all over again. We live in an automated world and time is money. With SSI, assign one (or more!) approver Email recipients, generate the report and Email it with the click of a button. The approver(s) can actually annotate! the report and return to the sender with another click. The BEAUTY? This can be implemented so EZ for any/all of your processes! And of course DOC EZ is incorporated into the process. So, the approver can drill down for a look at invoices or any other kind of corresponding backup documents. Your company sets the rules for who and what get Emailed for approval. Set up for “Notification Only” or “Notification and Response Required” until the processing is DONE. Approvers can no longer use the excuse that the dog ate their homework.