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Our Priorities

Land Management

The SSI Land Management software system assists you in the stewardship of lease locations, leasehold costs and all lease-related obligations.

You can view leasehold totals broken out by any grouping or combination of:

  • State
  • County
  • Survey
  • Lot
  • Block
  • Section
  • Township
  • Range
  • Net acres for a company
  • Delivered acres
  • Actual delivered WI interest after royalties & overrides

It’s also easy to automate the creation of delay rental or shut-in payment checks. Stay on top of your many obligations and expirations with a seamlessly integrated land management software system.

Our Priorities

Land Management Billing

The SSI Land Management Billing system provides a solution to tedious and time-consuming JIB accounting. Our joint interest billing software provides allocation and joint billing of prospect/lease expense to partners in the area of mutual interest. It provides detailed and professional land billing invoices designed to inform your partners of progress and cost.

Our Priorities

Lease Mapping

Your leases aren’t static, nor should your maps be! This crucial piece of oil and gas software is designed to export by various selections, quickly map non-producing leases as well as those that are producing, producing with Pugh Clause exceptions, rentals, leasehold rights and more. Coupled with ArcView, Mapinfo, or Petra, you can easily create presentation-quality maps in minutes that would have previously taken days to prepare. SSI’s Grid Export is a bolt-on module, available and integrated to a fully high-powered, effective lease product designed specifically to Make Your Job Easier.
Note: Only works with Jeffersonian-based aliquots.