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Our Priorities

DoC EZ (or document imaging)

DOC EZ ‐ better than all the rest, SSI has mastered the ability to coordinate documents with back office accounting. Other providers might have document scanning, but SSI has DOC EZ. Digitally scanned source document images are attached to transactions, business associates, wells, leases, etc., for “drill down” capabilities from
any desktop, any EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD EZ, any time. Why handle the same paper document 2, 3, or more times? Our vision represents a “scan once and never touch again” philosophy. Scanned documents are seamlessly attached as part of the normal daily work-flow, without any additional keystrokes, increased effort, or time. It's EZ to integrate, even easier to retrieve, and threaded throughout the entire SSI product line. Example ‐ with a single click from the WELL DASHBOARD EZ, drill down to view individual Accounts Payables invoice entry WITH the corresponding invoice images. From the clerical to the administration to the executive decision-making, managing your company is a piece of cake. It's so easy, powerful, and functional it's COSMIC!

Our Priorities

Mail EZ (or ssi Mail)

MAIL EZ ‐ simply put, SSI MAIL EZdelivers the mail. SSI was the first to introduce a seamless integration between MAIL EZ and every owner/vendor/business associate related reporting application, so that anything and everything can be Emailed with just a few quick clicks. There's no limit to what can be Emailed and to whom. Email the JIB Statement, Revenue Voucher, etc., each to a separate recipient. Or Email all of those documents to a single recipient. Email each one of those documents to several recipients. Or any combination thereof. Pay bills and distribute revenue using EFT (electronic funds transfer), electronically send the Email voucher and never touch a piece of paper. Consider the time involved to print, separate, stuff, fold and insert to mail a Joint Interest Billing to every single owner? Eliminate this labor-intensive process, and save money on paper, envelopes, and postage. The back office has just become much more productive, completely paperless, with much lower cost. SSI MAIL EZ is a win-win.

Our Priorities

Well Dashboard EZ

WELL DASHBOARD EZ This powerful tool provides “at-a-glance” review of your key performance indicators. Designed for owners, engineers or non-accounting staff who need fast information and analysis to manage wells. No accounting skills required! SSI's WELL DASHBOARD EZ accesses data, collates and collapses that data, and provides management an overview of wells and well associations based on well groupings ‐ aka FILTER EZ. It also provides enhanced graphics, charts, and visuals to provide comprehensive well analysis with drill-down ability, summarizing everything you need to manage wells profitability.

Our Priorities

executive dashboard ez

EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD EZ ‐ a high-level version of SSI designed especially for executives, EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD EZ is streamlined, intuitive, and framed in a managerial format. All modules and tools in the SSI product - including WELL DASHBOARD EZ, DOC EZ, FILTER EZ,WIZARD EZ, etc. - are incorporated and easily accessible for review and decision-making. The EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD EZ organizes traditional accounting functionality within a framework of related topics, making navigation and report selection intuitive. For example: the OWNER topic combines inquiries from Accounts Receivable, Revenue Payables, JIB, Well Profitability Histories, and Well DOI Ownerships into a single frame. As opposed to navigating through 5 different accounting menus, easily review investor financial position with your company, well ownership, paid/unpaid revenue, and well investment analysis - all accessible within a single topic. It's as EZ as clicking a mouse.

SSI Software Dashboard Screenshot
Our Priorities

Owner Dashboard EZ

Owner Dashboard ‐ exclusive with SSI. By definition, a dashboard is a visual display of all your data. Its primary intention is to provide a wealth of informationat-a-glance. On the flip side - automate the process of entering JIB and Revenue receipts from operators who bill you, via SSI or any other industry partner (such as EnergyLink). You as the investor will save countless processing hours for your back-office accounting staff.

Extremely powerful and easy to use, the Owner Dashboard is designed to provide complete access from a single common repository for all applications related to owners. Get it ALL in one place, ALL you need to know about owners, with a simple mouse-click.

Our Priorities

Share EZ (or ssi Share)

SHARE EZ ‐ it's the common bond with other industry partners. You run your JIB/Revenue processes as normal and then send your JIB and Revenue Distribution to your investors using SSI SHARE EZ. On the flip side - automate the process of entering JIB and Revenue receipts from operators who bill you, via SSI or any other industry partner (such as EnergyLink). You as the investor will save countless processing hours for your back-office accounting staff.

Our Priorities


MICR EZ ‐ blank check stock slashes costs and saves time. Period. A single, blank check stock may be utilized for multiple bank accounts and multiple companies. The ability to write checks without having to switch out check stock minimizes check stock storage, diminishes mistakes from grabbing the wrong stock, reduces fraud risk and saves time and money for your back-office. Deposit slips can be auto-printed with no manual typing or writing ‐ think of how that can minimize mistakes! Add to that a dedicated multi-tray printer loaded with check stock to allow on-demand check printing in an instant. With the multi-tray, checks can be printed from one tray and the voucher from the second tray, hence auto-collated. Think “time-savings” and “slashed costs” for your back office. “Check” the box that says SSI has the most efficient way of handling check writing!

Our Priorities

Paperless EZ (or Archived Report Manager)

PAPERLESS EZ ‐ Run any report for any given point in time and preserve forever. Don't print it. Don't file it. Let SSI's PAPERLESS EZ function archive it automatically. Incredibly easy to retrieve at any time for review, printing and/or emailing. In tandem with SSI's DOC EZ, eCabinet EZ and MAIL EZ, your office becomes completely paperless, embracing the newest technology the industry has to offer. View images of checks, invoices, vouchers, statements, etc.

Our Priorities

sql ez

This versatile software allows you to create custom reports easily and quickly, and store those reports for future use. Data extracts can be created on virtually ANY field within SSI, and generated in a spreadsheet format so that queries can be manipulated.