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Oilfield Services

Our Priorities

Order Management & Invoicing

The Order Management module is crucial for keeping track of services and parts sold, which is why it’s integrated into SSI’s Inventory system and financial applications. Not only does Order Management invoice and update your Accounts Receivables for items sold, but it also adjusts your inventory for all warehouses so you can have a real-time status of your holdings.

Some of the reporting and inquiry options this module provides are:

  • Reporting/Inquiry options include the ability check h
  • Historical sales by customer or inventory item
  • Reprinting or review of ANY invoice heck
  • Inventory item status, including quantity on hand, quantity on order, and quantity available for shipment.

This module provides a single application that invoices, shows history, and inventory for nearly anything that helps you get your job done. Just like the rest of the SSI platform, it’s all integrated to Make Your Job Easier.

Our Priorities

Purchase Order

SSI’s Purchase Order streamlines petroleum accounting through a design fully integrated with the Accounts Payables, Well Management, Job/Rig Cost, and Inventory Control Modules. Other features include the ability to allow confirmed (active) or not confirmed (on-hold) outstanding purchase orders as well as future purchase orders. Purchase orders can be customized to fit your company’s unique business needs. Non-receipted purchase orders can be optionally included in Well AFE’s, Rig or Job Cost reporting to facilitate timely oil & gas cost accounting.

Our Priorities


As with the SSI Order Management module, the Inventory module is a crucial piece of land management software for sales and service companies. The Inventory module tracks inventory so that it can be purchased, sold, and re-ordered when needed. The SSI Inventory module integrates into the Accounts Receivables module as well as the other financial applications within SSI. Items can be combined into “kits” which can be sold through Order Management using a single “kit” price rather than a price per item.

Reporting options include:

  • Calculating stocking levels based on historical usage
  • Generation of critical items reports for items within a user-established re-order point
  • Reports for item evaluation for re-orders, overstocked and slow-moving items
  • Physical inventory worksheet
Our Priorities

Rig Cost

Developed to deploy oil and gas accounting data for the drilling contractor, the SSI Rig Cost application works in conjunction with the Payroll and Accounts Payable systems. This module allocates all payroll costs to a well and job to track the true cost of the project and verify the profitability of each agreement. You can measure the profitability of all completed jobs, or you can sort the jobs by rig, or measure the profitability of each rig, highlighting the most profitable rigs for your company.